Organization's Goal - Cambodian Child's Dream
To reduce the death resulted from various infections such as diarrhea, cholera and other serious diseases by providing clean water wells, standard toilet and giving instruction and awareness on   sanitation and hygiene.

Give the equal opportunity to children to have access to school by providing school buildings and scholarships

Share with the government in reducing the poverty of people.

The areas of our activities of building water wells from 2005-2008

Banteay Srei District, Siem Reap Provinces (along the way to Banteay Srey Temple consist of Preah Dak Village, Ototeng Village, Obandoy Village and Tuol Kralanh Village, we built 105 wells, located 38Km north east of Siem Reap).

Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province (Wat Konmuch Village, along the way to Chong Kneas Floating Village, in Siem Reap & Chong Kneas Commune, we built 12 wells, 12 Km south of Siem Reap).

Bakong District, Siem Reap Province (around Bankong, Lolei and Preah Ko Group Temples consist of Thnal Trang Village, Chambak Village, Momeanh Village, Sophy Village, Kok Resei, Pongro, Anlong II Village and Tlok Kambot, we built 112 wells, located 23 Km east of Siem Reap).

Sotnikum District, Siem Reap Province (located in Thmei Village, Kchass Village, Kokchan Village, we built 13 pump wells, located 28Km east of Siem Reap).
Puok District, Siem Reap Province, (located in Kokdoung Village, Khnath village, we have built 25 wells, located 22 Km west of Siem Reap).