Background - Cambodian Child's Dream

Panha Ou, a friendly young man was born in 1979 in the rural area called Chikreng District in Cambodia, located 65Km east of Siem Reap. When he was a child, he lived under very hard conditions; he did not have enough food, money, school uniform, school stationery, shoes. Neither did he have time to study because he needed to help his parents farming. Daily Panha walked with barefoot to school, 5Km from his home. His lifestyle as a farming boy until 17 years old, he had never experienced the taste of pure water. His drinking water was taken from the pond and the river which is 5Km his village. The unclean water is the source of diarrhea and other serious diseases.

However, Panha had a strong commitment to study and successfully graduated university with a Management degree majoring in business management, marketing and accounting. Then he worked as the Tour Guide for 7 years. His poor living conditions have prompted his deep love and commitment to his countrymen. He realized that it was his time to help others. After some support from friends and business partners, he has decided to use his years of experiences, knowledge and some existent assets to establish Amazing Angkor Tours. Later he founded Angkor Clean water Project which is a small Project of building clean water wells to support poor families at the rural area in order to improve health, life expectancy and living condition of the community.