This is a great occasion for you to become our volunteer and help us with all our projects, you can choose short term or long term volunteering that start from 3-5 days or 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 1 or 2 months. You will find the people of Cambodia to generally be very sweet and helpful, and you will especially grow to love and respect the villagers with whom we work. They are hard working people, who have very little in material possessions, but they have great courage and resiliency, and they have a deep desire to improve the quality of their children's lives. And you will fall in love with the children. They are amazing!

Our volunteer program works better the longer the volunteer can commit. This is in part because it really takes a while for someone to get settled into the rural Cambodia area where we work, and it’s partly because we emphasize putting our financial resources into direct programs like water, agriculture, education, health care program, so we has the assistant staff member who can work directly with you to help you in your volunteering period. If you are able to volunteer, you will never forget this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, helping people change their lives!
You are warmly welcomed as our volunteers with open arms! Since our NGO opened, there were a lot of volunteers have come to spend time with us to teach English, Play Game, Health Care Lessons, Sport lesson, Set up sport Court, exchange tradition, Water well Building, and all works in our projects and each has left us richer for the experience. Our students love to meet new people, practice their English, and share their infectious smiles and laughter with everyone who comes to visit...so why not spend some time with us?

would you like to stay a little longer? Please do! We have simple guest accommodations for up to 4 people per night and invite you to feel at home. As part of your stay, you can contribute to enriching children’s lives in so many ways to help to teach our English classes, get creative in the Handicrafts room, share the joy of reading in our library, and play soccer/volleyball/tag/etc...The options are countless! And if you have technical computer skills or other skills that would be valuable for you to share, we would be delighted to learn from you.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule your visit. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Testimonials from our Volunteers