01-(Clean Water well Project) Provide clean water well to poor families by building hand pump water wells at a rate of 8-10 wells monthly, now we have more then 450 water wells around Siem Reap Province. 

02-(School Building project) Building schools for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools & Libraries that have been requested by school officers, and teachers. 

03-(Library Building Project) we
built 04 Libraries (01 at Tapang Primary and secondary School, 02 at Kchass Primary and secondary School, 03 at Phum Steung Primary school, 04 at Hun Sen Ronakse Treyphum primary school).

04-(Free English Class Project) Provide Free English Class for many schools in the rural area that don’t have the English class. We have selected four primary and secondary schools with 04 full time English teachers and there are 950 English students studying with us. We have selected the skillful local English teachers, who have many years of experience in English Teaching Field and pay them with the suitable salary.

05-(Toilet Building Project) we also provide communities with education on health and hygiene related issues. We hold frequent seminars in the villages that we work with so that we can raise awareness about the impact of good hygiene upon community health and therefore foster an improvement in good hygiene practices amongst the community and school to set up the toilets. Our main purposes aim to work and build the toilet in the school and the poor family in our initiative villages.

06-(Scholarship Student Project) Supporting 200 poor pupils from Primary school to University, who were selected from Siem Reap Province and check by the CCDO’s Staff to make sure that they are very poor and want to continue their study, each of them get ( 02 school uniforms, 01 School Bag, 01 pair of shoes, 10 Note Books, 05 pens (blue) & 02 pens (red) , 01 Toothbrush,  01 Toothpaste, 01 Ruler, 01 pencil, 01 Correction pen, 01 Box of color, 01 English Book of Conversation, 02 drawing picture books).

07-(Water filter Project) Now we work to cooperate with the community to find out the poor family to give the water filter, Every month we give 10 to 20 water filters to the poor family at the countryside and all the classrooms of our's schools. In Cambodia, every year hundreds of people, mainly children under the age of five, die from diarrhea and other diseases which are caused by unsafe water. They take the water from the cannel, river, and water well and they drink without boil or purify first. 

08-(Study Motivation Project) We have 2000 students and 120 teachers in 10 Primary Schools and Secondary schools in Siem Reap Province area will benefit by our programs for teaching and learning motivation, we give them with the notebooks, pen, pencil, drawing book, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Ruler, Correction pen, Box of color. And we also give the present to the outstanding students from Number 01 to number 05, both in Khmer and our English students every month, We pay extra salary for khmer teachers $10 per month and other study needs like lacking of (student tables, writing boards, teachers tables, chair….) 

09-(Rice Giving Project) Here, one of our projects has set up because of the poverty and hunger. Not every poor person is hungry, but almost all hungry people are poor. A lot of people live with hunger and malnourishment because they simply cannot afford to buy enough food, cannot afford nutritious foods or cannot afford the farming supplies they need to grow enough good food of their own. If the family poor they will oppose their children not in school they have to go to work as the construction worker or work on the farm to earn the money to buy rice for the family.

10-(Health Care Project) The project work involves setting up and running educational workshops on general health and hygiene practices. These are aimed at child-careers, teachers, children and their parents, We aim to cut down the poor villagers from the illnesses like, Diarrhea, Malaria, Cough, fever and cool.

11-(Bicycle Project) School is too far from villages to walk each day barefoot with heavy bags of books, making school attendance difficult to the point of jeopardizing students’ future. Bicycles will have a strong impact by helping poor boys and girls go to school regularly. Students will own their bike after completing school. Buying and distributing 120 bicycles for poor students contribute cost from $70-$90 for one bicycle. Project will ensure qualitative changes in people’s life and enhance rural village integrated development.

12-( Playground Project) The playground allows children to explore, create, happy and invent. It is through this that they are able to develop their social skills, ways of thinking, learn how to deal with emotions and their own physical capabilities. The fun that children have through sports, play and extracurricular activities has a great impact on children whose lives are difficult.

13-(Clean House Project) People do not understand why I have to clean my house and environment to get clean air to breathe, proper housing, education and health, CCDO send our staff every month to teach the villagers and students how to understand the clean house project. We also shun our responsibility of keeping our environment clean. We encourage the cleanest house every month with $10 in our both villages (Tapang and Kirimeaneon). From 2013 onwards we stated to change this Project to Balang Commune.

14-(School Breakfast Project) It is very important for the student that they have to get breakfast before they go school. Tapang school, there are 700 students and now they can get breakfast evry morning by our school Breakfast project. Now this Project is ended.