About Cambodian Child's Dream

More than two decades of war impoverished Cambodia to be one of the poorest countries in Asia which have most families in rural areas living on less than $2 per day. This main factor weakens Cambodia is the lack of potential Human Resource. In addition, the war left behind by a many disabled people, orphans, illiterates, widows and widowers who were badly persecuted during the Pol Pot Regime (Genocidal Regime). Concurrently, the infrastructures such as schools, pagodas, hospitals, markets, bridges, road systems and residences were destroyed. Today, even though the government, local and international organizations have been working hard to improve these but they have not been successful. There is a lot of work still needed to be done.


 The management teams of Amazing Angkor Travel & Tours in Cambodia set up “Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization”, a non-profit and non-political charitable organization, officially licensed by the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia on 10th Oct 2008 (License No.1269). The project aims at building, clean water wells, schools, libraries, language training skill and providing scholarships to school children not able to afford the luxury of paying for books and uniforms.

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