School Construction

Imagine you couldn’t read or write. Imagine you knew nothing of the world that exists beyond your hometown. Imagine you had no idea how to prevent common illnesses that were devastating your community. Or worse yet, imagine you didn’t even know your basic human rights, let alone how to fight for them. Too many primary-aged children in Cambodia who aren’t in school, there’s no need to imagine—this is their painful reality. Without access to an education, these children remain voiceless and the cycle of poverty continues. We believe that education provides the highest return of any social investment in the developing world. Through the education component of our Adopt a Village model, donors can help to build schools and libraries, and purchase school furniture, uniforms and basic school supplies. They can also contribute to salaries, in-services, certification trainings and on-site living accommodations for our oversee educators. Together, these projects create a holistic education model, which empowers children and entire communities to break the cycle of poverty for future generations in Cambodia.

Building schools for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools & Libraries that have been requested by school officers, and teachers.

  • Research information of areas that have NO schools in Siem Reap Province.
  • Preparing budget, plan and builder bids for school building.
  • Contracting with the school constructor.
  • Setup school construction committee to monitor completion of project.
  • Training to committee to monitor school construction.
  • Compiling reports on school construction to CCDO staff and donors.
  • Preparing opening ceremony after completion of building.